Sample sale 39 Top (Imperfect)

$ 99 USD $ 170 USD
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Sample Sale 39 Bottom (Imperfect)

$ 99 USD $ 180 USD
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*Imperfect item please read: Some stones may be sewn applied and some only glue adhered. Glue spots on the lining, which do not show from the outside, but are visible on the inside (see photos). Glue spots do not effect the wearability of the suit and is purely a visual imperfection.
This GLAM Crochet kini is like no other!
    • Poolside style only *Not water friendly
    • Fully Lined top, fully lined front bottom
    • Scrunch bum back
    • Handmade crochet and hand placed glass rhinestones
    • Jeweled rhinestone top and bottom pattern
    • Hip jeweled side bottoms

*Stone size and pattern may vary with each suit making each one unique just for you

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